Glenalmond College has its own medical centre with committed and skilled nursing staff. 

The nursing staff are available at any time of the day or night for pupils with medical problems, or for those who just need to chat about something that's worrying them.

There are 4 trained nurses on duty in the medical centre. They are:

Jan Moffat - Lead Nurse, Susan McBey - Sister, Joanne Duguid - Sister and Lesley Sangster - Sister
Nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the medical centre is open at all times. Prospective parents are welcome to meet the staff when they come to look around the school.

Parents are asked to give details of their child's recent and previous medical and vaccination history as part of the paperwork to be completed. Upon arrival all pupils undergo a medical check to ensure that the school has a full medical history. All boarders are registered with the local GP.

The College Doctors are based at The Blue Practice Medical Centre in Crieff (01764 652283) and are:

College medical officers: Dr S. Evans, Dr C. Jones and Dr G J De la Haye

The doctors hold three surgeries a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at around 2.15pm. Parental approval is needed for all vaccinations.

Medical confidentiality is adhered to at all times. On occasions it may be necessary to divulge information to relevant parties, such as House staff, but this will be done only with the pupil's consent and only when the nurse considers it essential.

There is a strict 'no medicines in the Boarding House' policy. All medications, including paracetamol and homeopathic remedies, are held by the medical staff.

To contact the Medical Centre please call 01738 842069 or email