Glenalmond Welcomes Positive Parent Feedback

Our survey of parents requesting feedback on the first few weeks of our Online Teaching programme, Coll@Home, has generated some very positive responses.

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The survey aimed to identify areas where the delivery of our online programme is strong and where it might be honed, along with the wider thoughts and suggestions of our pupils' parents from around the world.

Importantly, it also sought feedback from parents about the physical and mental wellbeing of children as they moved to remote learning. 

We are delighted to report the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive about pupil wellbeing and the delivery of our online provision. Our thanks to parents for completing the survey and for all the support and encouragement they are giving to pupils and to staff.

As we continue to seek ways to constantly improve our online programme, we are very grateful for the constructive suggestions put forward.

A sample of some of the very encouraging feedback from parents is below:

"The face-to-face lessons are working well and there is plenty of interaction and feedback."

"The children are engaged with their teachers and their work."

"I am hugely impressed with the school's delivery of online lessons. The face-to-face sessions mean this feels as close as possible to normal class."

"The one-to-ones with Tutor and Housemaster are great."

"The level of interest the teachers have in their subjects and their commitment to make the lessons work."

"Good school/life balance."

"The communication between teachers and pupil is great. Live teaching is working well.....I know that my child is actually at school and not just pretending!"

"The well-structured day and adherence to the usual timetable is excellent. Having lessons in real time is a necessity, especially for younger children."

"Its working very well....the kids are social dynamism of being at school....well done."

"We are very happy with the current learning programme in every way."

"Live lessons help to keep my daughter feeling connected. Great to see extracurriculum being addded."

"Great positivity from the teachers about online learning."

"The standard of the lessons and the Tutor and Housemaster one-to-one meets have been excellent."

"We are delighted with the delivery of the whole programme."