Invitation to the Premiere of Epicene

You are invited to join us for the Premiere of Epicene on January 23rd at 7pm.

Invitation Premiere Of Epicene 7Pm 23Rd January 2021 Join Us Via Link On Website And Social MediaA rarely-performed play which was first staged in London after an 18-month plague 400 years ago has been brought back to the stage by Glenalmond College.

The show is Epicene, the 1609 Renaissance comedy by Ben Jonson, which caught the eye of Glenalmond’s Director of Theatre, Liz Moss.

The play was originally performed after a long period when London theatres were closed due to the plague, so the timing of its Glenalmond revival chimes keenly with the present day.

Online auditions for the play started during remote learning in June 2020, when pupils from all year groups were assessed for the parts via Google Meet interviews with Mrs Moss, from Scotland to Italy to Thailand.

The plot of Epicene centres on Sir Dauphine (played by Henry R, Upper Sixth), a young aristocrat who is threatened whose uncle Morose (Matthew B, Upper Sixth) is threatening to disinherit him, by marrying. Dauphine hatches a plot to prevent this, by planting a stooge as Morose’s bride Epicene (Zac G, Fourth Form), who comes across as a demure young woman.  In reality, she is anything but.

The play also sees excellent performances from Arthur R (who plays Truewit), Scarlett M (Ned C), Niall D (Ted Monteclaire), Freyha K (Mistress of Revels), Giulia R (Sir Gianni Taccola), Jake C (Sir Amorous La Foole)Kyla G (Mistress Otter) and Samuel H (Tom Otter).

Glenalmond’s Artist in Residence, Christopher Moss, has produced a stunning set for the play, working late into the night and through the weekends to recreate a London street of the period meticulously.

Epicene will be premiered in film form via Glenalmond's social media channels on January 23rd at 7pm.

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