Glenalmond College is a true boarding school with 75% of our pupils being boarders, placing us in the top few schools in the UK.

Glenalmond has a full seven day programme to educate, inspire and stretch young minds.  The busy weekday schedule stretches over weekends that sees pupils busy in the classroom, on the playing fields and out on trips on Saturday and Sunday.  We aim to ensure that everyone has both the freedom to relax after a busy week but also they have the opportunity to be part of our exciting weekend programme including indoor and outdoor activities such as quiz nights, cultural displays, themed dinners, ceilidhs and discos as well as trips to the wildlife park, St Andrew’s beach, the V&A Dundee or conquering local munros and kayaking on the River Tay.  All of this is on top of the activities available right here on site in our stunning campus so you could play tennis or golf, play water polo or swim in the pool, learn new baking or crafting skills in the boarding houses or even building a shelter and cooking your own supper at the Outdoor Classroom.

Great balance of school activities and academic record. We wanted a full time boarding experience with full weekend activities, so it was important to go to a school with mainly boarders, rather than a day school with just a few boarders. Current parent

There are seven boarding houses - four for boys and three for girls, all within the 330 acre Glenalmond campus. Boarding at Glenalmond allows pupils to benefit from all that the school has to offer, with the companionship and life skills that come from living with others. Of course, day pupils are part of, and share in, all the richness and diversity of experience only available in a full boarding school.

Relationships tend to be stronger because this really is a full boarding school. Good Schools Guide

Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress, who lives alongside the boarding house with their own family. This means that there is a family atmosphere in the houses which we feel is important for children living away from home.

The pupils have a great loyalty to their house, and inter-house competitions are always popular - whether for sport, music or drama.

Each house has its own distinct character. For more information about the individual houses please select from the menu on the left or to learn more about boarding and pastoral care at Glenalmond please take a look at our video.

Listen to pupils and staff tell their stories on our YouTube channel.

For details of fees for boarders at Glenalmond please see the Fees page.