Day Pupils

Day pupils play a full part in the life of Glenalmond - the only difference is that they go home at night!

Why choose Glenalmond for a day pupil? Outstanding pastoral care, more care and attention to the individual and super facilities. Current parent

Day pupils are welcomed to Glenalmond and benefit from the seven days a week programme of teaching and activity that have been developed as part of our provision as a leading boarding school.

A boarding school can offer something very special to its day pupils, unmatched by day schools.  The longer school day at Glenalmond provides day pupils with the time and space for academic study along with an unrivalled breadth and depth of extra-curricular options, including sport, art, music, drama, outdoor and leadership activities. 

This is so much more than is available at a traditional day school, where the school day is limited and generally only five days a week.

Each Glenalmond day pupil becomes a member of one of the boarding houses so they play a full part in school life. They can also stay for the night if they want to.

Day Pupils - bus transport

Glenalmond offers free transport to and from Glenalmond College via our network of school buses.  Bus routes are annually reviewed, and an overview of the latest bus routes is outlined below.  

Please click here for the provisional day bus timetable. 

Bus Route Map Jpeg



If you would like more information on the bus routes please contact to discuss your requirements.

What does the Glenalmond College day fee cover?

As well as free transport, day pupil fees include all meals during the normal school day, Monday to Saturday, with an evening meal on Wednesday.   Games and activities expenses are included as well as membership of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF).  Textbooks and basic stationery are also included in the fee.